Conceptualising Digital Social Research

Vol. 1 : No. 1 : September 2019

In this inaugural issue some of the leading researchers in digital social research reflect upon the characteristics, directions, opportunities and challenges of their field. It tells of both past experiences, current issues and future paths. For the journal, this issue represents both a mission statement and an attempt at conceptualisation – delineating the field in which the journal will exist and expressing its role within this field. The impressive range of contributions and contributors reflects the wide scope of the journal and we hope it will inspire others to engage in a creative dialogue about the field and its implications.

There lies great scholarly potential in bringing data-driven computational approaches into closer contact with social theory, but only if such approaches are given a critical framing.
— Simon Lindgren



Special afterword

The editors would like to thank all of the contributors to this inaugural issue for helping us launch this journal, as well as all the many people at DIGSUM who have helped in making it a reality. We hope that this issue with its shorter think-pieces will inspire and provoke future contributions to the journal. Our next issue will be a special thematic issue of full length research articles to further kick things off, after which we begin our ordinary publishing schedule of continuous articles published in their final form as soon as they are done. We look forward to reading your contributions.

The editors

Information about this issue.

Information about this issue.